Salem Boarding and Residential Program
Salem Residential Program
Salem's Residential Program is licensed by The Maryland Department of Human Resources. Youth accepted into this program are typically referred by the Department of Social Services or the Department of Juvenile Services. Salem also considers private pay/boarding school placements.

Family Setting

In a quiet little valley at the base of a small mountain, four spacious and comfortable country homes - each named for a disciple of Jesus: Matthew House, Andrew House, Thomas House and James House- provide Salem's students, aged six to eighteen, with a peaceful refuge. Salem provides a home base for many children long after they have left our care.

It is a family setting which allows professional male and female Teaching Parents to help modify a troubled child's behavior by modeling and teaching social skills in a family setting.

Teaching parents complete comprehensive initial and ongoing traning, and provide crucial input as part of each child's Service Team.

Service Plans

This close, personal family-type atmosphere emphasizes supportive relationships combined with structure and supervision. For instance, Bible studies and regular family meetings provide a strong foundation to complement each child's individual therapy...therapy which includes a service plan catered specifically to his or her areas of needed improvement.

These "target areas" can range from showing respect, to accepting "no" for an answer, to effective and appropriate family interactions. Service plans are developed by the child's Service Plan Team, which includes the caseworker and counselor as well as other staff members directly involved in his or her care.


Leisure time may find kids and adults relaxing with board games or a good movie like Lassie, a Biblical epic likeJesus of Nazareth, or a National Geographic documentary on killer whales. Videos replace television at Salem, and are screened in accordance with Salem standards.

Each house "family" may also plan a vacation at a beautiful state park, at the beach, or places like Busch Gardens or Disney World.

Salem Shelter Care

The short-term Shelter provides a safe, nurturing and highly structured environment for children in transition. These children may need a safe haven and restoration period after suffering abuse or neglect; they may come from failed foster care or adoption placements; they may be waiting for a place of safety following discharge from a psychiatric hospital or a residential treatment center. Salem helps kids to plan for a successful future and work toward reconciliation between children and families wherever feasible.

Volunteer Resource Families

No matter how much they are loved by their Salem family, children also need relationships with caring folks outside of the agency.

Resource Families take a child under their wing and show him or her a unique level of caring. This is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for anyone with a giving heart. In addition Salem offers a partnership with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. To see whether resource parenting is for you, call 301.689.6625. Or email Jamie Kamp.

Our Residential Homes at Salem


Matthew House - Girls

Andrew House

Andrew House - Boys

Thomas House

Thomas House - Girls

James House

James House - Boys