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Employment at Salem
If you would like to bring healing, trust and love into the life and heart of a child, please consider a career at Salem.

Employee Requirements

Salem employees must be at least 21, have a valid driver's license, pass criminal background and Child Protective Services tests, and pass a pre-employment physical and TB test.

Now Hiring - Full Time and Part Time Teaching Parents

JOB TITLE: Teaching Parent

MD Salem Children’s Trust, is seeking applicants to work in our residential group home setting. The Teaching Parent assumes leadership and primary responsibility for the care and safety of up to eight children in residential care.
A typical day includes school during the week or a day program during the summer months. Weekend activities include church and recreation. Evening shifts in the houses generally follow the activities: quiet time, homework assistance, meal preparation, family dinner time, chore supervision, evening activities, and bedtime routines.
Weekend activities include: church services, YMCA trips, seasonal sports, hiking, other indoor and outdoor activities.

Teaching Parent Schedules

Full Time with Benefits: (7 Days On/ 7 Days Off) Wed-Fri 3-11PM, Sat-Sun 7AM-11PM, Mon-Tues. 3-11PM, Weekly Team Meetings each Wednesday
Some full-time positions will require 7 nights of overnight stay once per month.
Benefits – include annual leave, sick leave and paid holidays.

Part-Time are also available. - Hours vary. Part-time positions may offer an average of 26 – 34 hours a week. Shifts may include evenings and weekends, plus attending special training and staff retreats. Schedules are prepared a month at a time.

Training Includes:

2 days of orientation
2 weeks of program training
All direct care employees will be required to pass RCYCP certification within 90 days of employment.


Must have a high school diploma and other evidence of responsible and dependable work habits.


Incumbent must:
1. Be at least 21 years of age.
2. Must have a high school diploma.
3. Valid drivers liscense and a driving record showing no dangerous and/or unsafe driving.
4. Must pass a criminal background investigation, child protective service investigation, a pre-employment drug/alcohol test, a physical, and a TB test.

Now Hiring - Part-Time Night Staff


The Maryland Salem Children’s Trust, is seeking team members to work part-time in our residential group home program as overnight awake staff.

Responsibilities include:
1. Reporting to work on time in a dependable fashion.
2. Monitoring the status of children during the night on a regular basis as determined by supervisor.
3. Monitoring the physical facility: living quarters, furnace (when operating), and immediate surrounding outdoor area.
4. Completing a daily log and room check log each night. Both logs should be turned in to supervisor at the end of the night.
5. Writing a report for each child in the progress book nightly.
6. Completing household tasks as requested: cooking, breakfast production record, and wet sheet laundry.
7. Assisting Teaching Parents as needed in responding to emergencies (such as passive physical restraints, runaways and hospitalizations).
8. Preparing breakfast for the children and staff.
9. Assisting in morning wake-up of the children.
10. Reporting any suspected child abuse to the Dept. of Social Services and your immediate supervisor or Residential Director.
11. Completing unusual incident reports as appropriate.
12. Meeting with supervisor on a regular basis.
13. Other duties as assigned by Overnight Awake Staff Supervisor.


Must have a high school diploma and other evidence of responsible and dependable work habits.


Incumbent must:
1. Be at least 21 years of age.
2. Have energy to remain awake and alert on overnight shifts.
3. Be flexible and open-minded to allow supervision and in-service training to improve knowledge and skills.
4. Be dependable and punctual.
5. Have the ability to work as a member of a team.
6. Understand and be in empathy with the Salem mission.
7. Have the ability to respond calmly and with good judgment in emergencies.
8. Have effective communication and interpersonal relationship skills.


Download a Salem application.

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