Salem education
Salem School
The Salem School is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and provides full-day special education services and Type III regular education transition services.

The Transition Program

is for students K-12, five to 21 years old, who are in transition for any of a number of reasons: Salem residents may need a stabilization period before entering public school; short-term Shelter residents may simply need continuing education during a brief stay; students who are unable to function successfully in public school may be referred for counseling, testing, support services or an interim educational setting. Although students with special needs may be enrolled in this program, it is not a special education program. A typical stay in this program is 60 days or less.

Full-Day Special Education

provides special education and related services to students in Grades 2-12, ages six - 21. Students accepted into this program include those diagnosed as seriously emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, mentally retarded or multiply handicapped. For each student an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) is developed using grade appropriate curricula and materials. Salem School is not equipped to accept students diagnosed as deaf, blind or severely orthopedically impaired.

Additional Services at Salem School

Summer program

Extended School Year

A third program, Extended School Year, provides summer academic support along with a range of crafts, sports, and independent living skills.
Salem's Summer Program includes children in residence at Salem, and may also include Salem School students who qualify for the Extended School Year (ESY) services and children funded by the community. In addition to typical summer activities like recreation, sports, gardening, and arts and crafts, ESY offers summertime academic support.

For older students, ESY is a Life Skills class, including the opportunity to earn service learning hours. In 2006 the Life Skills class worked enthusiastically on renovations in the former Salem School building which currently houses administrative offices.



In line with the Garrett County Board of Education and the Maryland State Department of Education, Salem School is implementing the Common Core Curriculum, as it becomes available through the state, to fulfill most graduation requirements in Maryland. All students participate in Maryland assessments.

In addition, by allowing Biblical principles to form the foundation for learning, social skills and character development are a natural outgrowth of the programs, fostering healthy social, emotional, spiritual and physical growth in children. The students have an opportunity to participate in daily devotions and a weekly Bible Study.


Resources & Recreation

Knowing the importance of recreation to young minds, Salem School offers resources geared to the needs of its students such as frequent field trips to nearby New Germany State Park, Swallow Falls, and the planetarium at Frostburg State University.

The media center stocks specialized resources such as computer games and tutoring programs. The media center and all classrooms provide supervised access to the internet.



Therapy for each student is as unique as the student himself. Individualized Education Plans present the School Social Worker with a prescribed avenue for individual or group therapy.

Speech-Language and occupational therapies, as well as psychiatric services, are available on a contractual basis as needed.

Salem also has two therapy dogs that are part of both the Education and Equestrian Programs. Molly and Ella are certified through Therapy Dog International and provide a cheerful presence in our programs and help students to process their emotions in a gentle way.