Restoring Hope

The Maryland Salem Children's Trust, Inc., founded and functioning on Christian principles, provides a home, therapy, and educational services to children who have been abused or neglected, or have educational or behavior needs that require a residential or day school placement.

The Maryland Salem Children's Trust is licensed by the Maryland Department of Human Resources to provide long-term group home care and short-term shelter care to children placed by the Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Services and children placed privately by their parent(s).

Set against a backdrop of old-growth cherry, maple, pine and oak trees in the Appalachians and bordered by exquisite Meadow Mountain and pristine state forest in beautiful Garrett County, Salem is a haven for children who have experienced repeated trauma at a young age.

It is a sanctuary whose mission is to glorify God and respect His creation through promoting reconciliation and peace in a broken world.

From its humble beginnings in a single residence over three decades ago to the nine structures now in use and a complete range of therapeutic services, Salem has grown steadily through divine guidance and the help of a world-wide network of friends. In its three and a half decades it has served 700 children between the ages of six and 18.

Salem Wellness Mission Statement

The Maryland Salem Children’s Trust is an organization committed to comprehensive health and wellness, and we strive to provide, facilitate, and encourage physical activity and wellness for our residents and our staff.  Regarding residents, Salem seeks to involve and support 80% of its resident children/teens in regular physical activity including horseback riding, sports, and organized recreational outings and events.  We also seek to provide all residents with dietary knowledge and serve a well balanced healthy individualized diet.  Salem participates in the National School Lunch Program, and the Summer Food Service Program. These programs insure that proper nutrition practices are being followed and that the meals served are of proper nutrition value and portions.

Regarding staff, as the people ministering health and healing into the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional realm of residential children, Salem seeks to provide information, nutrition seminars, and recreational activities which we hope will serve to decrease work stress, promote physical health, convey our desire to see staff healthy and happy at work, and promote organizational unity! 

For further information on The Wellness Policies of The Maryland Salem Children’s Trust, please contact:
Marjorie Meyers FSC, 2705 Lower New Germany Road, Frostburg, MD 21532. Phone: 301-689-0322 ext. 205 or email:


  • Opened in 1978 in Calvert County, MD

    Salem first opened in Maryland in 1978. It was began by Louise Richards and the first children to come were 3 siblings. The Calvert county house had room for 8 children but the vision of Salem was to move to a farm as soon as possible.

  • Moving to the Farm in 1979

    After a lot of prayer to find our farm, God provided to meet those needs. Alta Schrock had even been praying that the farm would be used for God's work to help people. After many trips out to the farm and much work to fix up the farmhouse, Salem moved to Garrett County in November of 1979. At this point the old farmhouse and two trailers made up the whole of Salem's campus.

  • Continued Growth

    Through the years God has provided through the donations of many people for the program to be expanded. Afer about 4 years God provided for an additional house to be built on the campus, the Thomas house. Then in 1986 the Matthew house was opened and the original farmhouse became the office building. Then between 3 and 5 years later the Andrew, Paul, and James houses were built.

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  • Additional Buildings

    Many other improvements to the farm have also had a role in shaping Salem into what it is today. Salem has added horse and hay barns and an indoor riding arena for the equestrian program. The offices were eventually moved from the farmhouse and were relocated to the old school and the Paul House. We have also added a maintenance building, a gym and a school building.

  • Salem School

    In 1993 Salem School was started in the basement of the Andrew house and then it moved up the hill to a little house across the street. As the program grew, the added modular units weren't enough to hold our school under one roof. Building our new school was a huge step of trust that it could be done. But by the time we moved into the building in 2006, it was already able to be paid off as a result of many generous donors.

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  • The Future of Salem

    Salem has had a wonderful history of helping over 700 youth over the past 35 years. Salem means peace from God for your heart and your mind. Salem has been home for many and will continue to be a peaceful haven. We look forward to what the future holds for Salem.